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1941 born in East Prussia, Germany
1968-77 Art University of Berlin
1978-79 DAAD scholarship, Italy
1980-85 assistant instructor at the Art University Berlin
1987 visiting artist - Villa Romana, Florence, Italy
1988-89 visiting professor at the Art University of Berlin
1992 visiting artist at the Austin Peay State University, TN. USA
2001 building up the kunsthaus potsdam with Frank M. Zeidler
2005 Art award Potsdam
Living and working in Berlin and Potsdam as full time artist

Selected personal exhibitions
2013 "Balance". Krokin gallery. Moscow

2004 Gallery Kasten, Mannheim
Gallery Leonhard Ruthmuller, Basel
Krokin Gallery, Moskau

2003 Gallery Peters-Barenbrock, Ahrenshoop

2002 Gallery Leonhard-Ruthmuller, Basel

2000 Galerie Hofmann, Alphen a/d Rijn, NL
Gallery Fassbender, Chicago, USA
Galleria Turchi, Montalcino (Si),I
Galerie Kasten, Mannheim

1999 En Plein Air Arte Contemporanea, Pinerolo, I

1998 Safety-Kleen Gallery One, Elgin,IL., USA
Galerie Peters-Barenbrock, Berlin
Kunsthaus Richterswil, Richterswil, Schweiz
Galerie Leonhard-Ruthmuller, Basel

1997 Galerie Werner Bommer, Zurich
Fassbender Gallery, Chicago
Space Gallery, WMU, Kalamazoo, Mi., USA

1996 Galerie Kasten, Dresden

1995 Fassbender Gallery, Chicago
Galerie Peters-B., Art Frankfurt (one man show)
Gallery Kasten, Mannheim
Gallery Rino Costa, Casale Monferato,I

1994 Galerie Peters-Barenbrock, Braunschweig
Robert Decaprio Art Gallery, Palos Hills,IL. USA
Galerie Leonhard Ruthmuller, Basel

1993 Galerie Gwenda Jay, Chicago, USA

1992 Galerie Werner Bommer, Zurich

1991 UWM Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wi/USA

1990 Kunstverein Mannheim
Neville-Sargent Galerie, Chicago, USA

1989 Galerie Valentien, Stuttgart

1988 Ostpreussisches Landesmuseum, Luneburg

1987 Galerie Peter Noser, Zurich

1984 Galerie Tupolew 144, Berlin

1982 Galerie Seitz, Berlin

1981 Kleine Orangerie, Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin

Selected group exhibitions
2013 "Backstage". Krokin gallery. Moscow

2012 "Art Only". Krokin gallery. Moscow

2005 Arte e vita, Potsdam
Krokin gallery, Moscow, Russia

2004 Projekt Aphold & Herzog, Allschwil, Schweiz

2003 "Art Moscow". Krokin gallery booth. Central House of Artists. Moscow. Russia
Kunst RAI, Amsterdam, Galerie Hofman
Institut f. Kunst und Handwerk, Lehnin

2002 North Carolina Outdoor Sculpture, Greensboro, USA

2001 Pier Walk 2001, 3D Chicago, Chicago
Fair Kunst RAI 2001 Statements , Amsterdam, NL
Seomi Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2000 "Apologia dell impressione..", En Plein Air, I
"Snapshot", Contemporary Mus., Baltimore,USA

1999 "Interventionen", Mathildenhöhe,Darmstadt
"Spazi dell anima" , Ass.culturale Marcovaldo, I

1998 Ken Elias Gallery, West Palm Beach, Fl.(USA)

1997 Zwolsche Algemeene, Nieuwegein, NL.
Sculpture Tour, Western Michigan Uni., Mi.USA
"Percorsi",Commune di Cerrina, Piemonte, I.

1996 "Im Wind", Ahrenshoop

1995 Hohenloher Kunstverein, Crailsheim
Stadtische Kunsthalle Mannheim
Galerie Hofman & Partners, Alphen, NL.

1994 WWZ Rosshof, Basel
Kunst in der Börse, Zurich
Fassbender Gallery, Chicago

1993 Trahern Gallery, Clarksville, Tn.USA
Stadt.Kunstmuseum Singen

1992 Galerie Neue Räume, Berlin

1991 Museum of Art, Knoxville
Karl Ernst Osthaus - Museum Hagen

1990 Kunsthalle Darmstadt

1989 Neville-Sargent Gallery, Chicago, USA

1988 Deutscher Kunstlerbund, Stuttgart

1986 Kulturamt Pforzheim
Villa Merkel, Esslingen

1985 Kunstquartier Ackerstraße, Berlin
Skulpturenallee, Städtische Museen Heilbronn
skulptur aktuell II, Bielefeld-Sennestadt

1984 Kampnagelgelunde, Kulturbeharde Hamburg

1983 Petrus-Kirche, Berlin
Kunsthalle Darmstadt

Art-Fair participation
Art Frankfurt, Frankfurt 1995, 96, 2004, 05;
New Pier Show, Chicago 1993,97, 99 ,2000. 01;
Art Karlsruhe 2004, 05;
Kunst RAI, Amsterdam 1995,96, 2001, 03, 04, 05;
Kunst Zurich 1994,96,97,98, 2000, 04;
Art Moskow 2003, 05;
Art Cologne, Koln 1987,88,92,93 ,94,96;
Art multiple, Dusseldorf 1992,93,94,96,97;
Grafikmesse, Dresden 1994;
Art Basel, Basel 1987,88,89;
Edition 3, Basel 1992;
San Francisco international art exposition 1998;
SOFA Art Chicago 1998; Arte Guadalajara, Mexiko 1997;
MIART, Mailand1995;
Arte fiera, Bologna 1996,97;
Artissima 2000, Turin
ARCO 2000, Madrid;

Museum and Public collections (selective)
Kunstverein Mannheim (Germany)
Museum Schloú Salder, Salzgitter (Germany)
East Prussian Landesmuseum, LÝneburg (Germany)
StÄdtische Kunsthalle, Mannheim (Germany)
City of Berlin, Tegel airport (Germany)
City of Bielefeld, Sennestadthaus (Germany)
StÄdtische Museen Heilbronn, GÆtzenturm (Germany)
Collection Villa Romana, Florenz (Italy)
Collection Schweizerische Bankgesellschaft, ZÝrich (Switzerland))
City of Esslingen, Schelztorturm (Germany)
Collection Hotel Teufelhof, Basel (Switzerland)
Collection Ciba-Geigy, Basel (Switzerland))
Museum of Art, Knoxville,Tn. (USA)
Stadt Alphen a/d Rijn, (Netherlands)
City hospital Gesundbrunnen, Heilbronn (Germany)
WWZ, University Basel (Switzerland))
Wohnunhsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Hellersdorf (Germany)
City of Chicago, LaSalle Plaza, (USA)
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Mi., (USA)
City of Alphen a/d Rijn, (Netherlands)
City of Berlin, Prenzlauer Allee (Germany)
Yongsan Park, Seoul, (Korea)

Artist Statement
The theme of my work focuses on the individual and the balance between thought, action and existence. To me this is a symbolic act: the balancing person has to concentrate on himself and his path - a basic human experience. Each viewer brings his own associations to the artwork - therefore it invites the viewer to reflect on his own condition.

In my work, walkways, overpasses and bridges represent the variety of challenges we have to face in our lives. I show fragments of this infinite journey - metaphorical moments - reaching from the past into the future like rays of pure energy. Each of my figures walking its pathways exhibits a specific relationship to its environment. The viewer's reflection and participation endows the figure with purpose and meaning.

Focusing on the present moment, the beginning and the end of each balancing-act is unseen. My wall paintings imply an infinite structuring of space, each division of space acquiring a different meaning, while the intersections give the viewer an opportunity to rest or change direction. Discontinuous events are fused by spatial structure into a single new reality.
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