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Nasonov Arkadiy †
Born in 1969 in Ekaterinburg
In 1991 finished Moscow Academical Theatre Institute (stage design)

In 1991 found The Cloud Commission art group (with D.Ligeros,T.Detkina etc)

In 1995 found The TARTU poetry society (with S.Anufriev,A.Sobolev)
From 1998 editor of "Sanatorium" art magazine

1999 - 2000 stipendium of the Rijksakademie van Beelden Kunsten in Amsterdam

2000 Grant of Dutch Institute in Rome, Uriot prize Amsterdam

2001 Fellowship of La Napoule Art Foundation

2002 stipend in Kunstlerhaus Worpswede

From 2002 - the member of Inspection "Medical Hermeneutic" group

From 2004 director of "Single Viewer Gallery"

Festivals and video-shows:
1993 "Angels over Ukraine" festival in Edinburgh
"ART-MITH 2" Central Hall Manege Moscow

1994 "Anigraph" VDNH Moscow
"Nonconformist art" Festival of Contemporary Art City museum Sochi

1995 "WRO95" Media Art Festival in Wroclaw Poland
"99-99" Museum of Dostoevsky St.Petersburg

1996 "Old cinema" video-shows in Ptyuch Club
"Kukart-1"festival Tzar Selo

1997 "Art Moscow" Central House of Artists Moscow
"Platinum Century" Center for Contemporary Art Moscow

1998 "Cloud Commission presents" Cine-Fantom club Center of Cinema Moscow
"Man-Wolf" Slide film festival Odessa Art museum

1999 "Underwater love" video performance Amsterdam
"Full Moon" with "Sputnik" group Melkweg club Amsterdam, Rijksakademie Amsterdam

2000 "Lost and found" video festival in ARTIS Planetarium Amsterdam
"Vah-Tang" Park TV channel Amsterdam New York Berlin

2001 "Supervision" International videoconference in Sahalin and Moscow
"Immortality" Video-conference DOM club Moscow
International festival of contemporary art "Kuk Art2" Carskoe Selo

2002 Video-festival in Kishinev

2003 International festival of screensavers in Habana Cuba
"Night of the adult attack" OGI gallery Moscow
Video-night in MUHA club Moscow
International SKIF festival Kulturbrauerei Berlin
"Salon USSR" Pick-up-club Amsterdam
2 nd International Video-festival in Kansk
Art-Klyazma 2 Contemporary Art Festival

2004 "Abrakadabra" electronic music festival
"Intim photo festival" Reflex Gallery

Selected personal exhibitions:
1994 "Three greetings from Siam"(with A.Sobolev) Obscuri Viri Gallery Moscow

1996 "The Number of Zero Commissar" Center for Contemporary Art Odessa

1997 "The Ascension of the Observer to Meteorology" "L" gallery Moscow

1998 "The Great No One's" (with S.Anufriev) "L" gallery Moscow
"The Rest of a straight regime" (with M.Shilova) Studio 50A Moscow

1999 "Empty Olympus" Overcoat gallery Amsterdam Berlin,

2001 "Empty Olympus-1" Fine Art Gallery Moscow
"The Gift of an Owl" Hall of Moscow in House on Brestskaya Moscow
"Into Exile..." Moscow Fine Art Gallery

2002 "These eyes look on you" Overcoat gallery Berlin Art Fair

2003 "Ethymology of dreams" Freud dreams museum St Petersburg,
Guelman gallery Kiev
"The same time..." VP studio Moscow
"What is falling..." (with E.Verkerk) Tanya Rumpff gallery Harlem
"A bird on a shelf is worth a book in the bush"(with E.Verkerk) Pictura Dordrecht

2004 "Nasonov's Bessonnik or Ethymology of dreams" State Center of Contemporary Art Moscow
"The Cloud Commission follows suit" Elena Vrublevskaya Gallery Moscow
"Book's Negatives" Overcoat gallery Art Moscow

2005 "Double Tourism" Art-Strelka Reflex gallery Moscow
"A leak of information" (with S.Anufriev) State Tretyakovskaya Gallery Moscow
'In weather we trust' VP stidio

2006 'The Tonnel to Antipodes' VP studio

2012"Once more about the Cinema". Krokin gallery, Moscow

2015" A book in the hand is worth a crane on the shelf". Krokin gallery and The State Institute of Art Studies, Moscow

2016 Dutch Notes. Krokin gallery, Moscow

Performances and actions:
1990 "Karenina" Moscow metro station "Leninskie gory"
"Chuk and Gek in Himalais" Workshops at Petrovsky bul. Moscow

1991 "Clean rug" ART MITH-1 Central Hall Manege Moscow
"Parents and sons" VDNH Moscow
"Culinarian exeget" Warsaw
"Cocoons" Stanislavsky museum Moscow
"Cats and topography" Botanic Garden Moscow

1992 "Gambling house" Workshops at Petrovsku bul. Moscow
"Incrimination" Tsaritsino Moscow etc.

1993 "Cloud Commission prints the book" Moscow graphic studio

1994 "Cloud Comission and Obscuri Viri" Moscow planetarium

1996 "Digital poetry" "Third Way" club Moscow

1997 "Everything about nothing" "Substancia" radiostation

1999 "Smuggle project" Maastricht, Aachen
"Three buddahs" Push King club Moscow

2000 "Antipodes" with "Sonic Monks" group Artis Den Bosch
"Green light street" Red light district Amsterdam

2001 "Sky finger -prints" Tounisie , Amsterdam

2002 "Veterans and vegetarians" Theatre in Utrecht
"TARTU society" Guelman gallery Moscow

Selected group exhibitions:
1989 Exhibition in Museum of Glass Moscow
"Chkalov and animals" Chkalov House of Culture Moscow

1992 "Battle and Idyll" Velta gallery Moscow
"Calm" Kiev
"Gambling house" Workshops at Petrovsku bul. Moscow

1993 "The Cloud Commission" Planetarium Moscow

1994 "Victory and Defeat" Obscuri Viri Gallery Moscow
" Reproduction - mon amour" Center for Contemporary Art Moscow, Nikolaj Copenhagen
"Free zone" Center for Contemporary Art Odessa
"New Media Topia" Central House of Artists Moscow
(1st prise- guest on Ars Electronica 95 Festival in Linz, Austria)
"Hot pictures" WWW art Shulgin's gallery
"Four Great" Moscow Fine Art gallery

1995 "Artists against AIDS" Mayakovsky club Moscow
"The Cloud Comission presents""Evidences of paradise" WWW Moscow art center

1996 "Frozen pictures" Patriarshie prudi Moscow
"The Cloud Comission follows suit" Ateliers du Fond Regional des Pays de la Loir Saint-Nazaire France
"Tale" Center for Contemporary Art Moscow

1997 "Art Manege" Central Hall Manege Moscow
"Not existed cinema" KODAK Cinema Moscow, Aidan gallery Moscow

1998 "Euroremont" Slavyansky Bazar Moscow
"Tzar Solomon's Copies" Photobiennale 98 Moscow,studio 50a, FENSO Museum, Institute of contemporary art Moscow
"250 thousand miles" Central Hall Manege Moscow
"Art Manezh" Central Hall Manege Moscow
"Fauna" Maly Manezh New Hall Moscow
"Praprintium" Bremen Cologne

1998-99 "About love" England Slovakia

1999 "PG magazine" Spider and Mouse gallery Moscow, "Panglos" Moscow
"Art-Mith" Central Hall Manege Moscow
"Trans-format" DOM Moscow
"Total recall" Center for Contemporary Art Moscow

2000 "Pole of Cold" Akademie Bazar Paris
" The star of MG" Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Central House of Artists Moscow

2001 "Art for fun" Museum of Cultural Heritage Kiev
"Kukart-2" international festival in St Petersburg

2002 "Contemporary Russian Painting" New Manezh Moscow
"Motherland and fatherland" Moscow Forum of Art Initiatives New Manezh
"The Haunted House of art" Amsterdam
"Verbonden Beelden 4" Tanya Rumpff gallery Harlem
"In a search of personal syndrome" Kiev
"Estonia" Guelman gallery Moscow
"Summer vacation" Moscow Fine Art gallery
"Moscow minimalism" Art Fair Frankfurt
"Melioration" Art festival on Klyazma

2003 International art festival"Art-Klyazma"
"Fine art" Fine art gallery Moscow
"Moscow cinema" IFA gallery Berlin

2004 "Psichodely of Russian Tale" Larec gallery

2005 I st Moscow Biennalle State Tretyakovskaya gallery
'Art Moscow' Central House of Artists Moscow

2006 'Art Moscow' Central House of Artists Moscow

2012 "Tell Me, Uncle...". Krokin gallery. Moscow

2013 "The Sky". Group project of Krokin gallery in Moscow Planetarium. Moscow
"Backstage". Krokin gallery. Moscow

"ZOO". Krokin gallery, Zoological Museum
of Moscow State University by M. V. Lomonosov. Moscow, Russia

"The Toy". Krokin gallery. Moscow

Arkadiy Nasonovís artworks are in different international museum and public collections
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