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Gonsovska Ilona  

Famous artist from Moscow, who has lived and worked in Riga since 2005.

Ilona was born in the family of writers: her father, Sever Gonsovski, was the classic fantastic writer, her uncle, Valentin Pikul, – historical novelist.

Ilona has graduated from scenography faculty of V.Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute. She has worked with paintings, scenography, book illustrations and interior design.

As for moral-ethic views, Ilona has been a strict vegan. She has spread ideas of humane treatment of animals and advocated non-violent coexistence with the nature, participating in different save the animals benefits.

She was a member of Russian and Latvian Unions of artists.

Highlight of the artist’s biography:
Trips to Japan by personal invitation of “Crystal-Art” company. Personal exhibitions in Tokyo and other cities of Japan. Created silk-screen prints of Ilona’s artworks.

Exhibition trips to Germany by invitation of famous German representative of nature protecting, collector Graf von Bernsdorf.
Ilona has designed stages, costumes and printworks for about 40 musical and dramatic perfomances in Russia, Ñzhech Republic, Latvia and Poland.

Design cooperation with Moscow book printing agencies.
Ilona has been art director of «Pacific meridian» international film festival of Asian-Pacific countries in Vladivostok for six times.

Personal exhibitions:
«Hopes and failings of green world». Garto Castle. Germany.

«Tokyo international Art Show» (TIAS 92). “Yakimainen” gallery. Japan.

«Neo-Shag» gallery, Academy of arts, Saint-Petersburg. Russia.

«Pastel», «Neo-Shag» gallery, Moscow. Russia.

Exposition in a city hall, Lisbon. Portugal.

Exposition in «Peace and color» gallery, London. England.

Gallery «Arc». Exhibition in the frames of 5th international film festival of Asian-Pacific region. Vladivostok. Russia.
Cinema center, Kiev. In the frames of 1 International human rights film festival «Steps». Ukraine.
«On behalf of birds». Island hotel. Riga, Latvia.

«Notes of previous century». «Māksla» gallery. Riga, Latvia.
«Leave to return…». Jurmala city museum, Latvia.

Exhibitions and auctions:
«Quadriennale of Prague». Czech Republic.

1989, 1990
«Phillips» auction. London. England.

«Haus wedel und Nolte» auction, Hamburg. Germany.
«Dialogue». Boris Vian center, Paris. France.

Exposition in the Arts Museum, Tokyo. Japan.
«Ginza», Washington. USA.
«Tokyo Art-Expo», Japan.

1991, 1993
«Art-Frankfurt». «Neo-Shag» gallery. Frankfurt Main. Germany.

«Konsthalle» Malmoe, Sweden.

1996, 1997
«ARCO Madrid». «Neo-Shag» gallery. Spain.

1995, 1997
Cultural forum, Japan.

«Art-Lisbon». «New collection» gallery. Portugal.

«ARCO Madrid». «New collection» gallery. Spain.

«Moscow artists with Polish origins”. Central house of artists. Moscow. Russia.

«Rudens». Union of Latvian artists. Riga. Latvia.

«Return». Krokin gallery & Rietumu Bank's Art Gallery. Riga. Latvia.

The whole list of exhibitions, artworks and artist’s philosophy you may find at the web-site www.ilonagonsovska.com.

Artworks are in museums, galleries and personal collections across the world: Japan, USA, Spain, France, Germany, Russian, Poland, Czech Republic, England, Italy.

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