"Kirill Rubtsov. PLANETARIUM" // April, 16, 2017.
Coming soon! On April 20 you are welcome to have a look at new project by Kirill Rubtsov PLANETARIUM (pyrography).
Exhibition is held till May 14.
The second exhibition of Kirill Rubtsov returns the author from the microcosm of his previous ‘Library’ series to his more habitual atmosphere of ‘Space’.
For Rubtsov the theme of Space is so to say so paradigmatic and well developed in quantity and, of course, in quality. The Space of Rubtsov is imagined in “what makes us who we are” category and there is no limits in its endless stories variations.
The Space of Rubtsov is boundless and multiple in its Soviet scientific narrative and in foreign 3D comics style. It is absolutely hand-made and tactual. The author is far from trendy nowadays illusions and imitations. Everything is very simple and convincing as in childhood.
The principle accent of this endless story about “Russian robot” is presenting of the dynamic context of his adventures on unknown planets in mysterious universes.

more about the project..>>

"Nikolay Nasedkin. KIN" // February, 15, 2017.
We are glad to inform you about a new project by Nikolay Nasedkin KIN (graphics).
Exhibition is held till March 12.
Once again Nikolay Nasedkin moves deeply to the depth of personal existence, very personal to everyone. The author turns to the memory by personification of time, reconstructing portraits of his family, which has already become the history.
The monumental floor-to-ceiling leaves of polychrome graphics, made in expressive way typical for the author and with the sharp psychologism, are aligning in common endless line of image-portraits of native people of past generations...

"Platon Infante. CHRONOTOPES" // January, 08, 2017.
Happy New Year, dear friends! We are pleased to invite you to visit the first 2017 exhibition in our gallery: Platon Infante CHRONOTOPES (multimedia).
Exhibition is held till February 12.
In arts the illusion phenomena in its' several variations has become an absolute characteristic. The art often is an illusive game with the reality, as glimmering targeting and motivation. The illusion is always on the edge of visual and imaginary, substantial and virtual. The project of Platon Infante presents several independent artistic expressions, collected in the dynamic space of actual multimedia experiment...

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