"TRIPTYCH. Vladimir Anselm, Nataliya Turnova, DmitryTsvetkov" // July, 25, 2019.
In July, 25 - September, 1 Krokin gallery performs a group exhibition "TRIPTYCH" (paintings, objects) with three well-known artists: Vladimir Anselm, Natalia Turnova and Dmitry Tsvetkov .
They've made their statement in the beginning of the 90's and today they may be nominated as a chrestomathy of Moscow art of the theperiod of social changes. They are representatives of the art that should be seen or even better to be owned. They tell us something vital in their own way, but they do it intelligibly with special intonation, which creates unique image of impression, collecting unjoinable parts together in a triptych.
They donít put themselves in the frames of their already successful and popular artworks. They continue creating new forms, meanings and motivations...
more about the project..>>

"Alexander Pankin. GEOMETRY OF A NAME" // June, 26, 2019.
In June 26 - July 21 we perform a new exhibition by Alexander Pankin "GEOMETRY OF A NAME" (graphics). You are welcome!

"Konstantin Batynkov. LIFE IS ALL AROUND US" // May, 21, 2019.
In May, 22 - June, 23 Krokin gallery and The Russian Academy of Arts perform Konstantin Batynkov with a project "LIFE IS ALL AROUND US" (paintings). You are welcome!
more about the project..>>


"Vladimir Sitnikov. UNDER FOOT" // April, 17, 2019.
Dear friends, Krokin gallery presents: the project by Vladimir Sitnikov UNDER FOOT (graphic installation) . The exhibition is held in April, 18 - May, 19. You are welcome!

"Alexander Djikia. MINOAN SERIES" // March, 12, 2019.
In March, 13 - April, 14 Krokin gallery performs a new graphical project by Alexander Djikia "MINOAN SERIES". You are welcome!

"Mikhail Molochnikov. AMONG THE THOUGHTS" // February, 10, 2019.
In February, 13 - March, 03 Krokin gallery performs the graphical project "BETWEEN THE THOUGHTS" by Mikhail Molochnikov, our new author. You are welcome!

"Anton Chumak. BATTLE FOR THE HARVEST" // January, 08, 2019.
Dear friends, we open the new year in our gallery with a project of the artist that is new for us: Anton Chumak BATTLE FOR THE HARVEST (paintings, objects). You may have a look at it in January 10 - February 10.

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