"GIGANTOMACHY. Vladimir Anselm" // October, 15, 2018.
October is a very fruitful month: in October 11 Krokin gallery opens an exhibition with The Russian Academy of Arts. It's a new project "GIGANTOMACHY" (painting, objects) by Vladimir Anselm. The exhibition is held in the halls of Zurab Tseretely's Gallery of Arts (Prechistenka, 19). You are welcome!

"Natalia Turnova. KEEPING SILENCE" // October, 09, 2018.
Dear friends, Krokin gallery and State Tretiakov Gallery present: the project by Natalia Turnova KEEPING SILENCE . The exhibition is held in October,9 - November, 25. You are welcome to New Tretyakov gallery building (Hall #38, Krymsky val, 10).
Nataliya Turnova’s «Keeping Silence» project is based on two artwork series. One of them is sculptural and gives the name to the project, while the other is called “Passions” and consists of 14 paintings. The artist prefaces each artwork series with epigraphs, taken from the Church fathers’ works. These two quotations, chosen by Turnova, are the sample of Christian theological dialectics, and operate on several levels of her project.
More about the project..>>

"Olga Gorokhova. Z.O.Z." // September, 27, 2018.
In September, 28 - October,28 Krokin gallery performs a new project by Olga Gorokhova.
...If we ask what the "female principle" is in contemporary art, there is an illustrative answer in Olga Gorkhova’s art. Certainly this is not about sublimation of this phenomenon in art but rather about it’s expressive representative.
The "Z.O.Z" abbreviation is difficult to decode. It is better not even to try and leave it as a crypto-name, which is necessary only for exhibition organizing.

"Elena Samorodova & Sergey Sonin. ROAD FORK" // August, 25, 2018.
Krokin gallery starts a new season! In September we perform a project by Elena Samorodova & Sergey Sonin - ROAD FORK! Exhibition is held from August 30 till September 23. You are welcome!

"Valery Aisenberg. SPRING FEVER" // April, 02, 2018.
Dear friends, for the first time we perform well-known Valery Aisenberg with a project SPRING FEVER (paintings, graphics, video, text). Exhibition is held till April,19, you are welcome!

"Alexey Politov & Marina Belova. WINGS" // March, 01, 2018.
On the 1st of March Krokin gallery performs the new project WINGS by Alexey Politov & Marina Belova. The project consists of graphics and objects. 100% pure freedom and flight! Opening reception: March 1, exhibition will be held till March, 25. You're welcome!:)

"Dmitry Tsvetkov. WARDROBES OF MOSCOW" // February, 04, 2018.
Dear friends, Krokin gallery and Museum of Moscow perform a special project by Dmitry Tsvetkov WARDROBES OF MOSCOW! Exhibition is held at Museum of Moscow (Zubovsky boulevard, 2) till March 25. Opening the exhibition - February 6 at 7 p.m., free entrance, you are welcome!
more about the project..>>

"Vladimir Anselm. ENDLESS STORY" // January, 25, 2018.
Dear friends, we open new year season with a project ENDLESS STORY by Vladimir Anselm.
Art of Vladimir Anselm in all its diversity of style, forms and details of content, is whole in its intellectual task. Every exhibition of this artist is the logic continuation of multiplicate examination of European cultural space. Anselm identifies this space on the ground of historical archetypes, one of which is the main attribute of European culture representation – Classicism...

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