14 May 2003



The Gallery initiates another artistic program Project - Cult - Prosvet expanded in time and space.

The idea of the Project is to widen the comprehension of contemporary art display and integration of this art into the frameworks of real social industrial sphere. In this case the sites of exposition shall be exhibition halls of technical equipment, engineering, structural engineering, metallurgical manufacture, agricultural sector and so on up to the trade fair of present-day armaments and space technologies.

The experience of expanding the contemporary art beyond the limits of artistic framework is insufficient and may be characterized as mainly spontaneous and one time.

As far as the historical analogies are concerned there undoubtedly exists a fair tradition of releasing the art out from workshops and exhibition halls directly into manufacture, "into public". This tradition as the product of well known social order was enthusiastically accepted by the left-wing artists of the Soviet Russia and generously dignified proletarians, peasant village and suspicious NEPmen of that time with its peculiar intonation. "PolitProsvet" carriages of every possible kind, the famous "Okna Rosta", plans for monumental propaganda and the like PR projects of those having the power were reciprocated with a zealous response of the artistic sphere of that time. The working unit was contributed by the artists of that time mainstream that is nowadays called "classical Russian avanguard". The project proved to be rather fruitful yet fainted in the course of time.

The peculiars of the contemporary Moscow art define the will to widen the horizon of communication and stimulation of the mutual interest on behalf of people far from art. This was the outset of a next in tern initiative of the Krokin Gallery.

The first traveling exhibition of the Project - Cult - Prosvet shall take place in the exhibition complex Crocus-Expo, the 66th km. of MKAD and present painting and graphic arts of an outstanding Moscow artist Konstantin Batynkov who is at the same time exhibiting a personal show "Bulldozers" in the Krokin Gallery at 15, Bolshaya Polyanka Street.


The second exhibition of the project was held at the MILLIONAIRE FAIR (66-th km of MKAD, Krokus Expo, hall 5, booth 42). In its special project for MILLIONAIRE FAIR audience Krokin gallery (the only moscow gallery) performs moscow well-known artists - Andrey Bilzho, Sergey Gorshkov, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Konstantin Batynkov, Leonid Tishkov, Boris Bendikov and Sergey Kostrikov.

Krokin gallery booth at Millionaire Fair


Sergey Kostrikov "Fabergee eggs. Natural".
Italian Embassy in Moscow. February-March 2006.


Within Project-CULT-PROSVET Krokin gallery created expositional decision of the booth of equestrian sport club "Otrada" - the participant of Millionaire Fair. Millionaire Fair took place on October, 27 -30 2006 in Krokus Expo (booth 155, hall 4)
Participants of the exposition - Konstantin Batynkov, molitor&kuzmin.

ONLINE project
ONLINE project - 4
In October 2009 Krokin gallery released the fourth CD of the ONLINE PROJECT series that's devoted to activity of well-known moscow artist Leonid Tishkov.
CD "Leonid Tishkov. Selected. 2004-2009" contains the actual information for public in common, for art critics, museum workers and collectors...

ONLINE project - 2
Within our ONLINE-project Krokin gallery performs CD with Konstantin Batynkov works. CD contains more than 100 selected works by the author (period of 2002-2005), articles by well-known moscow curators and press-celection about Batynkov projects that were exhibited in Krokin gallery.

ONLINE project - 1

Our first CD "Selected" performs the collection of some exhibition projects that were shown in the gallery during the period of 2000-2004.
CD contains more than 150 works by 27 russian and foreign artists. All the works were exhibited in Krokin gallery in 2000-2004.
The information on the disc is performed in four languages: Russian, English, german and French.

CD performs the works by following artists:
Batynkov Konstantin, Gintovt Alexey, Gradoboev Alexander, Infante Francisco & Goriounova Nonna, Infante Paquito & Goriounova Anna, Konstantinov Alexander, Kupriyanov Vladimir, Mareev (Lim) Alexander, Nasedkin Vladimir, Olshvang Anton, Orlov Valery & Mitlyanskaya Alexandra, Pak Sung-Tae, Paloma Navares, Ponomarev Alexander, Sitnikov Vladimir, Smirnsky Anton & Smirnov Vasily project FENSO), Tishkov Leonid, Hubertus von der Goltz, Tsvetkov Dmitry, Chelushkin Kirill, Chernysheva Olga, Chilikov Sergey, Yankilevsky Vladimir


The idea of this project - to show the Names with their past. To look into the archives of 80-ies - 90-ies and reconstruct that artistic atmosphere.

The actual theme of those times (painting) - the actual theme of today (photography, video, installations):

At this moment Krokin gallery exhibited the following artists within the project "Archival of Contemporaneity":

  • Vadim Fishkin

  • Vladimir Sitnikov

  • Vladimir Salnikov

  • Andrey Bilzho

  • Dmitry Tsvetkov. "Cemetery"

  • Vladimir Dubosarsky. "Wedding" (painting of 1991-94)

  • Anton Smirnsky. "FenSo - Painting

  • Group exhibition "School" (Exhibited artists: A.Vinogradov, K.Batynkov, V.Dubosarsky, K.Zvezdochetov, V.Nasedkin, A.Olshvang, V.Orlov, M.Pogorzhelskaya, N.Polissky, V.Sitnikov, V.Smirnov (project FenSo), A.Smirnsky (project FenSo), A.Philippov, A.Florensky, O.Florenskaya, K.Chelushkin, D.Tsvetkov) ...>>
  • Semion Faibisovich (painting of 1970-1980-ies)

  • Leonid Tishkov (paintings 0f 1986-1990)..>>

  • Valery Orlov (works on paper, 1969-1995)

BLACK-WHITE PROJECT in Saint-Petersburg

The project represents works of the authors who actively declare themselves at Moscow and international art stage. Krokin Gallery performed a number of personal and group exhibitions, these artists participating, in the context of its major program in Moscow and at international markets of contemporary art. "Black-white project" combines into a sole exposition different in terms of its individual stylistics and author self-identification art devices.
The only criterion shall be the principle of formal-plastic (in this case - colorful) leveling. The name of the project is specified by the removal of the color polyphony and the endeavor to create an entire balanced exposition based on equilibrium of black and white, positive and negative.

In December, 9 - January, 15 Black-White project will be exhibited in St.Petersburg in Marina Gisich art-gallery.


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