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TRIPTYCH. Vladimir Anselm, Nataliya Turnova, DmitryTsvetkov

Vladimir Anselm,
Nataliya Turnova,
Dmitry Tsvetkov


/ painting, objects /

25.07.19 - 01.09.19

tel. +7 (964) 564-0303

(Klimentovsky pereulok 9/1, near Tretyakovskaya metro)

Three authors, three directions of the search, three independent expressions of a dialogue in the space, called contemporary art.
Vladimir Anselm, Nataliya Turnova, Dmitry Tsvetkov.

They've made their statement in the beginning of the 90's and today they may be nominated as a chrestomathy of Moscow art of the theperiod of social changes. They are representatives of the art that should be seen or even better to be owned.

They tell us something vital in their own way, but they do it intelligibly with special intonation, which creates unique image of impression, collecting unjoinable parts together in a triptych.
They don’t put themselves in the frames of their already successful and popular artworks. They continue creating new forms, meanings and motivations.

They continue living in art and coming to the special level of the museum space format: the State Tretyakov gallery, Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow museum of modern art, Museum of Moscow.

The “Triptych” exhibition is an expressive speech of the personal exhibitions of Vladimir Anselm, Nataliya Turnova and Dmitry Tsvetkov, that were organized by Krokin Gallery in Moscow museums.

The art of Vladimir Anselm in all its variety of styles, forms and content, is unique in its goals. Every exhibition is the next step of recognition and definition of European culture space. His interest in this theme exists in his genetic code. The historical antithesis of Russian and German appears as flexible antimonies acting through Vladimir Anselm.
The problem of “us and them” identification gets special meaning in a person with Russian first name and German last name. Two sustainable cultures come together in synctretic unity, what leads to synchronization of two principle and traditional Eurasian systems.
The dominant theme in this project is an adjusted group of archetypes of European civilization – the Classicism. The Classicism phenomenon is shown as a universal companion of wars and revolutions, as an antithesis for the chaos and for the “Decline of the West”.
Vladimir Anselm, biography, selected works

The paintings of Nataliya Turnova is an essential part of Moscow contemporary art. It is utterly expressive, iconic and well-known. Her artworks are in the collections of the Russian Museum, the Moscow museum of modern art and the State Tretyakov Gallery.
Turnova doesn’t show her works frequently, as she prefers working in a steady rhythm without ruffle of excitement. Her imagery and artistic statement principle is adjusted and completed. Turnova’s art is characterized by the quality of expression and the special symphony of form and content. The delicate psychologism of her artworks is expressed by complicates color combinations and shades. Nataliya Turnova is one of the rare artists, who is so earnestly attentive to the color and it’s potential.However it is not just an unrelated sharpening of forms, but a complicated expression.
Nataliya Turnova, biography, selected works

Автор не ограничивает себя однажды найденным стилем или техникой искусства и его содержанием. Активно экспериментируя в графике, живописи, художественном объекте, Цветков демонстрирует высокий уровень своего творчества и широкий диапазон актуальной проблематики, что делает его примечательным явлением современного арт пространства. Это объясняет и статус выставочных площадок, где проходили его персональные выставки. В их числе художественные такие музеи как Московский Музей современного искусства, Музей современного искусства Твери, Музей современного искусства Перми, Музей современного искусства Красноярска, Тульский историко-архитектурный музей.
Художник принял участие в больших арт проектах Государственной Третьяковской галереи, Малого Манежа Москвы и Государственного Эрмитажа. Его работы неоднократно представлялись международными арт фондамим, Центрами Современного искусства Москвы, Новосибирска, Нижнего Новгорода, а также галереями Саатчи (Лондон), Жери Пирло де Корбийон (Брюссель), Дюкли Арт коммюнити (Будва), Крокин галерея (Москва). Дефиле, созданных по его эскизам костюмов прошли в Лондоне, Брюссель, Берлин, Перуджи. Весной 2018 года состоялся персональный проект Дмитрия Цветкова «Шкафы Москвы» в залах Музея Москвы.
Dmitry Tsvetkov, biography, selected works


Vladimir Anselm. HEART. 2012 Nataliya Turnova. From the series EXISTENCE LIKES TO HIDE. 2012 Dmiry Tsvetkov. OUR BOY RESTRAINS HIMSELF. 2003

Alexander Pankin. GEOMETRY OF A NAME

Alexander Pankin


/ graphic /

26.06.19 - 21.07.19

tel. 8. 964. 564. 03. 03

(Klimentovsky bystreet 9/1, near Tretyakovskaya metro)

Alexander Pankin, biography, selected works


Konstantin Batynkov. LIFE IS ALL AROUND US

The Russian Academy of Arts

Krokin Gallery

Konstantin Batynkov


/ paintings /

22.05.19 - 23.06.19
Krokin gallery, Klimentovsky bystreet 9/1

29.05.19 - 30.06.19
The Russian Academy of Arts, Prechistenka str., 19

tel. 8. 964. 564. 03. 03

(Klimentovsky bystreet 9/1, near Tretyakovskaya metro)

Konstantin Batynkov, biography, selected works


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