Past exhibits

Arkadiy Nasonov. DUTCH NOTES

Arkadiy Nasonov


/ paintings, video, graphics /

06.10.16 - 06.11.16

tel. 8. 964. 564. 03. 03

(Klimentovsky bystreet 9/1, near Tretyakovskaya metro)

Arkadiy Nasonov, biography, selected works

ART Uzel - media-project about modern art

Elena Samorodova & Sergey Sonin. HUNTING FRAGMENT. RUSSIAN STEREO

Elena Samorodova & Sergey Sonin

creative association "Plumbum and Cobalt"
in collaboration with Grigory Kalinin and Valery Patkonen


/ photo, video, sound /

08.09.16 - 02.10.16

tel. 8. 964. 564. 03. 03

(Klimentovsky bystreet 9/1, near Tretyakovskaya metro)

Sergey Sonin and Elena Samorodova, biography, selected works

The project and the exhibition owe its name to a spontaneous visionary session of Elena Samorodova at the Museum of Pius Clement at the Vatican. Watching through Roman copies of the Greek statues from the Pope's collection, she thought about the continuance of the classic tradition and the "direct delivery of Apollo's covenant to the contemporary human", about the supertemporal idea of the Standard, which prevailed in the classic Greece. With the course of time Greece happened to be under the reign of the First Rome and by the historical metaphor passed to become the Third Rome. It gained a foothold in the Russian tzardom, came in to the Russian Empire and through the Fourth Rome - to the Soviet Epoch, grows into the draft tendency of the Fifth Rome. (The image of the Fifth Rome is artistically expressed in the Five-paw Wolf - Russian Apollo allegory)

Sculptural theme in the photographic accents from the Vatican present a Hunter (a Beater) and a Victim (a hunter's trophy) in a frozen phase of their contact, - the hunting fragment itself.

That is the first part of the exhibition. The second part of the project is presented by the multi-screen video "RUSSIAN STEREO. INSPECTION".

The main video plot is the moving of Artemis to meet her brother Apollo, who is coming back from the Space after inspecting the central Russia. According to the Old Slavic Universe division to Nav-Yav-Prav (Spirit world-Reality-Higher Law), Apollo arrives to the center ofthe YAV-REALITY.

Artemisin the bear character leaves her lair - her sanctuary, Palladian natural scheme (the temple homage of the goddess of the Ephesus forests and fields) and takes direction to the Meeting place.

After landing somewhere in the South-Ural plains, Apollo in the character of the Five-paw wolf is going through the spring fields and birch farms in the direction of his sanctuary - Apollo's Colonnade in the Moscow region.

On the way he is welcomed by the Artemis heralds - workers of the birch farms and different archetypical animals: hairs, deers, foxes and magpies.

The Apollo's inspection is secret, so the official Rome sends a search-and-rescue squad to meet the space crew and it's technics to another probable landing point.
What was announced earlier as "UrbietOrbi".

Sergey Sonin

АРТ-Узел - медиапроект о современном искусстве

Yuri Avvakumov. TOWERS

Yuri Avvakumov


/ objects, photo /

12.08.16 - 04.09.16


tel. 8. 964. 564. 03. 03

(Klimentovsky bystreet 9/1, near Tretyakovskaya metro)

Yuri Avvakumov, biography, selected works

The 'Towers' exhibition of the artist-architect Yuri Avvakumov contains several paper objects and twenty photo-works, created in recent years. An absolute dominant in all the photography series is the architecture in one form or another, in a different context.

The exhibition discusses three themes, which are united by the title and a delicate game of forms and meanings.

New York



ART Uzel - media-project about modern art

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