Past exhibits

Alexander Pankin. A HEAD

Alexander Pankin


/ graphics, paintings /

26.07.18 - 26.08.18

tel. 8. 964. 564. 03. 03

(Klimentovsky bystreet 9/1, near Tretyakovskaya metro)

Alexander Pankin, biography, selected works

An exhibition of the famous Moscow analyst-artist Alexander Pankin is taking place in the frames of a longstanding art project of Krokin gallery – "Archivation of contemporaneity".

The name of an exhibition is dedicated to a main theme of the artist, who has been analyzing the human head form for 50 years. Not only a form, but also portrait lines peculiarity and mimic tension, that all together creates an expressive sculptural image-sign.

The main part of the exhibition consists of graphic and painting art works representing the development of this theme in artist’s way, from the early 1960’s till today.


Konstantin Batynkov. OUT

Konstantin Batynkov


/ paintings /

20.06.18 - 22.07.18

tel. 8. 964. 564. 03. 03

(Klimentovsky bystreet 9/1, near Tretyakovskaya metro)

Konstantin Batynkov, biography, selected works

The «OUT» exhibition of Konstantin Batynkov will take place during FIFA World Cup in Moscow.

Speaking about art we may see if it is an immediate interest or it is “out” of essential and up-to-minute events.

The art of Konstantin Batynkov turns to some social context and shows us a mega-show as something very simple, without any pathos: cause there is always something happening, that can defuse the tension of the event.

Batynkov is realist, who always works with the prose of existence without trusting in obsessive epicism.

The author was a professional sportsman, so he knows the sport sphere well. He has no illusions and makes his accents on facts that are not in shot, that are off-side and out of game.

In Batynkov's space with no top and no base there are football players, judges and fans living, playing and loosing. Everything goes according to the law of genre, except one thing – an off-screen voice. This voice is an author’s position regarding weakness and excessive tension of the modern world.


Vladimir Nasedkin. SHORELESS

Vladimir Nasedkin


/ paintings, graphics /

30.05.18 - 17.06.18

tel. 8. 964. 564. 03. 03

(Klimentovsky bystreet 9/1, near Tretyakovskaya metro)

Vladimir Nasedkin, biography, selected works

The subject of my research is bulk carriers, barges, ferryboats, oil tankers and Russian rivers’ loading docks.

I suggest a cosmic view on them to estimate their expression and accuracy. The beauty category is replaced by utility attitude and constructability of real geometric forms, which are filling all the space on painting.

The model is disembodied in drawing, in melody and game of lines. It looses its material weight to show its hidden meaning via semantics of black and white, inner tension of geometric surfaces and via symbolic nature of structure geometry.


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