Selected Works
Batynkov Konstantin
 "SCHOOL". Within the project "Archival of Contemporaniety", Krokin gallery within the 'Archival Contemporaniety' project, May 2003,
 To Konstantin Batynkov's project "ANOTHER LIFE", Alexander Petrovichev, February 2004,
 5 answers from K.Batynkov to questions from A. Petrovichev about the exhibition 'Children', krokin gallery, July 2006,
 To K.Batynkov's project THE FOREST, V.Dyakonov, February 2007,
 LANDSCAPE (paintings), krokin gallery, March 2009,
 Konstantin Batynkov, solo exhibition, Alexander Petrovichev, April 2009,
 Konstantin Batynkov personal catalogue, krokin gallery, April 2009,
 Konstantin Batynkov. PARADE (paintings), krokin gallery, April 2010,
 THE SKY (group project in Moscow Planetarium), krokin gallery, March 2013,
 Konstantin Batynkov. IN THE ROADS (paintings), krokin gallery, July 2013,
 PRO. Konstantin Batynkov in Moscow Planetarium, krokin gallery, February 2015,
 THE VIKTORY AS A NEW EPOS / group project /, krokin gallery, May 2015,
 Konstantin Batynkov. CARTOGRAPHY, krokin gallery, July 2017,
 Konstantin Batynkov. OUT, krokin gallery, June 2018,
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