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Ministry of Culture of Russia

Museum of the Academy of Arts of Russia

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Franciso Infante Arana
Nonna Goriounova


ARTEFACTS of 1968 – 2015 in the halls of «CASTS COLLECTION»
of the Museum of the Academy of Arts of Russia, Saint-Petersburg

26.05 – 27.08 2017

The exposition is an expressive combination of contemporary art and antique artworks’ copies, of developed classics, of live experiment and esthetic canon, of authentic and copy. The configuration is bold, to say the least: here we have replicas of celebrated heads, busts and full figures, prescriptions of hallowed values which are considered to be timeless and an intrinsic component of Western civilization...
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project KULIBIN
(mechanisms, objects, graphics, video, models)

Participants: Yuri Avvakumov, Kirill Alexandrov, Tatiana Badanina, Vassili Bogachev, Vladislav Efimov, Platon Infante, Alexander Petrovichev, Roman Minaev, Vladimir Nasedkin, Alexander Pankin, Alexander Ponomarev, Vladimir Sitnikov, Sergey Shutov

april, 3 - may, 18 2008

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BAROQUE. /symptoms of grand style /

Y.Avvakumov, P.Aksenov, V/Anzelm, K.Alexandrov, K.Batynkov, A.Belyaev-Gintovt, F.Bogdalov, A.Gradoboev, Pl.Infante / A.Petrovichev, A.Kallima, S.Kalinin

A.Konstantinov, S.Kostrikov, V.Koshlyakov, D.Machulina, A.Mitlyanskaya, N.Nasedkin, V.Orlov, A.Politov/ M.Belova, D.Prigov

A.Smirnsky č V.Smirnov /Project FenSo/, L.Tishkov, N.Turnova, A.Philippov, A.Florensky / O.Florenskaya, L.Heidiz /Hades/, D.Tsvetkov

O.Chernysheva, S.Chilikov, Y.Shabelnikov, S.Shehovtsov /Porolon/, D.Shubin, S.Shutov

october, 5 - november, 4 2007
Moscow Museum of Modern Arts
(Petrovka street' 25)

Information about the project: www.mmoma.ru, www.krokingallery.com

This project addresses a fundamental component of European culture: the Baroque era. Specifically it brings to the fore a cultural phenomenon that is not restricted by time or space or defined by categories of grand style, but is reflected in contemporary social and cultural processes. The events of today have a historical analogue: the Baroque era, with its inherent intonation and symptoms of planetary cataclysm, a rapid annihilation of the classical colonnade of international archetypes.

The idea of this project - to show the Names with their past. To look into the archives of 80-ies - 90-ies and reconstruct that artistic atmosphere.
The actual theme of those times (painting) - the actual theme of today (photography, video, installations). . .

The idea of the Project is to widen the comprehension of contemporary art display and integration of this art into the frameworks of real social industrial sphere. In this case the sites of exposition shall be exhibition halls of technical equipment, engineering, structural engineering, metallurgical manufacture, agricultural sector and so on up to the trade fair of present-day armaments and space technologies.

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